Healthy cash flow, happy entrepreneur

What if you had a better view of the impact your daily decisions have on your business’ future? What if you knew how much cash is available, at all time?

Meet Cashplannr.

Cashpannr - Running out of cash

How it works

Link Cashplannr with your bookkeeping software or bank

We filter relevant cash-flow-data and automatically suggest you a cash-flow-forecast. You’re free to add transactions manually.

Add your income pipeline

What’s up with your expectations? What income do you expect? Next to our automatic forecast, you can add your own expectations to put things right.

Make simulations and save for later

It gets really interesting when you can simulate things, like when you’re considering to make a new hire. Simply test your ideas with reality.

We help you keep things up-to-date

To save you more time, we make sure everything stays synchronized. Sleep on both ears, we do the hard work for you.

We unburden you


Keep up with payments

We remind you in case a payment (in & out) did not happen when it was expected.


What if…

Reality check. Yes, this car looks nice, but can you afford it?



“Damn you government, forgot about you! ☹️” – won’t happen again.

Cash flow as the #1 business KPI

Your accountant gives you insights about the history of your company. We give you insights in the future. P&L is nice-to-know. What’s much more important, is how you’re doing right now. Cash flow should be every growing business’ #1 KPI.

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