Healthy cash flow, happy entrepreneurs

To keep your business on the rails, you should be in control. Cashplannr offers you the necessary insights in your company’s cash flow so you and your captains can take the best decisions.

Cashpannr - Running out of cash

We’ve got your back


Easy set-up

Get started in a few clicks and emmediately see what kind of payments coming up.



Know upfront how much VAT and other taxes you’ll pay. No surprises.


Create scenarios

What if… you would hire a new HR manager? Check the impact real-time.

Cash-flow-driven business

The reports you get from your accountant give you an idea about history. We provide you with insights into the future. You need to understand that Profit & Loss does not necessarily correlate with cash flow. Cash flow should be your n°1 KPI.

Try Cashplannr for free. See for yourself and experience the benefits for your business.