Running out of cash?

You might want to look further ahead next time. No worries: we’ve got your back.

Cashplannr wants businesses not to fail. By offering the most user-friendly cash forecasting solution, we help cash-driven organisations to make the best decisions.

Cashpannr - Running out of cash

We’ve got your back


Easy set-up

Get started in a few clicks and emmediately see what kind of payments coming up.



Know upfront how much VAT and other taxes you’ll pay. No surprises.


Create scenarios

What if… you would hire a new HR manager? Check the impact real-time.

Cash-flow-driven business

The reports you get from your accountant give you an idea about history. We provide you with insights into the future. You should understand that Profit & Loss does not correlate with cash flow. However, cash flow should be your n°1 KPI driving your business.

Try Cashplannr for free. See for yourself and experience the benefits for your business.